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Al Mishkat for commerce and Orientals

Welcome to Mishkat for orientals , where you will find the ancient arts which will be known by any body visited Damascus and its old houses and palaces . our hand made products will bring you to the magical beautifull orient word that Damascus was famous of it since hundred of years.

Since hunderd of years , Damacians used to decorate their homes with the fine and heavy furniture, chairs inlaid with shells , wide luxery tables , beautiful decorated bishop aliases , any many other recored household utensils.

In our web site you find a wide range of the most famous hand made orient furniture. We deal with different types of oriental goods , as wooden types furniture , encrusted , mosaic and mother of pearl. Copper of all kinds , decor , electrical and lampadaire. Executes all oriental decoration.

 Our skilled workers and artists used their long experiense to provide you the best work you can find , you will notice the various and high quality material , and plus to that all you will feel the Orient Soul.